Transoral Endoscopic Styloidectomy Surgery Patient Testimonial

A resident of Surat city, Gujarat, complained of nagging pain in jaw and neck for almost an year. Senior ENT Surgeons from his city diagnosed his case as tonsilitis. Nothing helped the patient. As no correct diagnosis was arrived at, he developed a fear phobia for Cancer.

He came to Mumbai city for treatment at another multi speciality hospital. It was determined as an psychological problem. Finally the patient arrived at Kohinoor Hospital's superspeciality ENT department. His treatment began under ENT Head, Dr. Sanjay Helale, whose primary approach is patient history. Dr. Sanjay Helale realised some extra growth in the patient's throat.

CT scan revealed further a styliod (bone growth) in the patient's throat. An Transoral Endoscopic Styloidectomy surgery removed the Styloid 6.5 CM long (and a thick one).

Patient is relieved from pain and lively a healthy life.

Note: Only for public education & awareness.