Rhinoplasty is the surgery of the nose shape with an aim to suit it with the rest of the face. It is correction of
shape of the nose either for aesthetic reason or nasal deformities

Types of Rhinoplasty

1. Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.
2. Reconstructive Rhinoplasty which is needed due to traumas or deformities.

2. Reconstructive Rhinoloplasty

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty is not a coded one like cosmetic rhinoplasty. The surgery requires technical
gestures based on the clinical cases.

Rhinoplasty in Mumbai
A Reconstructive Rhinoplasty is done dues to causes like:

- Traffic & accident violence
- Burns
- Mutilation
- Cancer Survival

Types of Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

-Post-traumatic Rhinoplasty
- Post Mutilation Rhinoplasty
- Rhinoplasty After Burns
- Post Cancer Surgery Rhinoplasty