This patient always had unfreshening sleep. He regularly dozed at his workplace which was a machinery unit. In the night, the regular sleep position in bed led to a choking throat. Hence, he slept sitting on the chair for last 20 years.

One multi speciality hospital in Mumbai gave him a CPAP machine as a solution. As the patient suffered from laryngeal OSA ( Obstructive Sleep Apnea), he could not tolerate the CPAP machine. In such case, the patient chokes further and cannot breath smoothly.

Finally the patient approached Dr. Sanjay Helale, Head ENT, Kohinoor Hospital. Patient underwent MMA Maxillomandibular advancement (upper jaw, lower jaw advancement surgery) along with epiglottopexy surgery (widening of laryngeal opening).

This cured the choking problem while sleeping position. He is also cured of snoring, obstructive sleep apean (OSA), fragmented sleep, unfreshening sleep, daytime sleepiness and fatiguability.

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