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About Dr.Sanjay Helale

Dr. Sanjay Helale heads the Super Speciality ENT Care & Research Centre at Kohinoor Hospital and Fauziya Hospital. Dr. Sanjay Helale provides comprehensive medical and surgical care for conditions of the Ear, Nose and Throat in both children and adults. He has state of art ENT set up to provide ENT services of International standards with a personal touch. Dr. Sanjay Helale leads the dedicated and highly trained team of ENT surgeons. His diverse skills range from general to highly specialised ENT surgeries. This will ensure that the patients receive the best possible ENT care. He has latest, highly modern instruments and he is also specialised in LASER Surgeries.

Recently launched Super Speciality Clinics by Dr. Sanjay Helale


Dr. Sanjay Helale launched Kohinoor Hospital’s Vertigo, Deafness & Tinnitus Clinic in July 2013. This clinic since then has a unique distinction of treating patients worldwide. Vertigo is a very common problem found among 30% of the world population. As the population ages the problem of balancing disorders increases. Vertigo, Deafness & Tinnitus Clinic at Konhioor Hospital is one of it’s kind in Maharashtra State. Dr. Sanjay Helale’s team comprises of trained ENT Consultants, Otoneurologist, Audiologist, Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapist. The Vertigo, Deafness & Tinnitus Clinic with has a world class diagnostic facilities like Electronystagmography, Video Frenzel Test, Subjective Visual Vertical Test.

SHAMS - Sinus | Headache | Allergy | Migraine | Stress Managament

Dr.Sanjay Helale recently launched Kohinoor Hospital’s SHAMS Clinic (Sinus | Headache | Allergy | Migraine | Stress) on 15th December, 2014.SHAMS Clinic is one of it’s kind in the world treating all these ailments under one roof.The Super Speciality ENT Care & Research Centre at Kohinoor Hospital has progressed rapidly under the able guidance of Dr. Sanjay Helale. All patients are treated here with utmost care and high end treatments